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Being a part of ICATI represents a commitment to treat Substance Use Disorder (SUD) as a health condition that requires treatment and care to support recovery, instead of only responding with arrest, conviction, or punishment.

There are no fees required to join the ICATI network. Country teams, government representatives, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, implementation sites, and individuals who are interested in developing ATI initiatives are invited to participate. 

The ICATI Network:

  • Offers a shared space for exploring best practices and practical advice from experts and professionals in the field to successfully implement ATI.

  • Promotes quality treatment, care, and recovery services for individuals with SUDs in contact with the justice system. It recognizes that effective treatment supports public safety and public health.

  • Encourages project initiatives, networks, research, and other activities that improve the quality, scope, and effectiveness of treatment alternatives to incarceration.

ICATI plans to offer a full range of support, resources, and collaboration opportunities to its network members. We commit to routinely assessing members’ needs and interests.

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